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ForVendi maximizes efficiency and improves the economy of the Salesforce ecosystem by shifting from projects to products.


We fuel progress through relentless innovation, continuously striving to create cutting-edge SaaS solutions that redefine the Salesforce Platform proposition. We empower companies to unlock their potential by creating Salesforce products which respond to the evolving business needs and challenges.


We build trust with our clients by delivering reliable products in a transparent manner. With a commitment to honesty and accountability, we foster a partnership rooted in integrity and mutual growth. Our business proposition is built on a win-win risk and reward sharing concept.


We streamline Salesforce workflows and enhance productivity based on your businesses particular requirements, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – driving success and achieving your goals. Our products are tailored to optimise your Salesforce experience and accelerate your business performance with maximum efficiency.


Backed by a team of seasoned Salesforce experts, our SaaS products are meticulously crafted with a deep understanding of the platform's intricacies and limitations. With years of experience and a proven track record, we are the trusted authority in extending Salesforce capabilities, empowering you to leverage our expertise for a competitive edge in your industry.

Our products

Enhancing Your Salesforce


Easily generate
documents from
Salesforce in seconds

Aveneer is a document generation and workflow automation solution that enables generating and sending out highly personalized documents by using information from Salesforce to create DOCX and PDF document formats based on customizable templates.

Supercharge your Salesforce development

Empower your team with a cutting-edge low-code framework to efficiently build complex Salesforce features with minimal coding effort. Keep the code clean, reduce the number of bugs and make sure that your system is fast and reliable.

ForVendi is dedicated to filling the gaps in the existing workflows, so that our clients can benefit from ready-made products that streamline their business on the basis of a risk-free, subscription model.

Pain point identification

Together with the client we identify missing
or ineffective processes and services.

Product development

ForVendi invests in the product development
according to client needs.


The product is available to the client in a subscription
model (SaaS).

Continuous improvement

ForVendi offers the product as a native Salesforce
application and improves the app continuously.

How we optimise your workflow

Capability extension

Whenever there’s a gap that hinders your workflow ForVendi comes to play. Our products build up on and expand native Salesforce capabilities, making it possible to do the things that seemed impossible before.

Less complexity

Reduce the time spent on coding. We make your Salesfroce experience smooth and error-free thanks to pre-built low-code frameworks and ready-made apps which overcome your challenges immediately after installation.

More time and money

Your Salesforce gains extra powers that make it run faster and more effectively. Optimised workflows and better system performance translate directly into increased productivity of your employees and improved revenue streams.


Your systems are safe and sound. All our products are native Salesforce apps which are listed on AppExchange and undergo strict security reviews.

Return with no risk

You get high value for money thanks to highly reliable solutions and flexible pricing models. Our proposition has no “strings attached”. You can easily withdraw from our products. But you’ll never want to.

Full support

Our experts are at your disposal in the process of implementation, maintenance and upgrade. On your request we can provide you with 24/7 availability. Any issues you may possibly have are dealt with in 2 hours maximum.

Our story

Founding story...

Matthias Augustyniak

Managing Partner

ForVendi was founded by people who brought together decades of experience and passion for innovation. Matthias Augustyniak, a leader with over 30 years of international business development and management experience, was a guiding force, having successfully provided complex technical solutions to esteemed companies across the globe.

Matthias Augustyniak partnered with Britenet - an established company that delivers IT solutions for clients across the globe and boasts one of the largest and most accomplished Salesforce development teams in Europe.

Backed by a team of skilled experts, ForVendi products embody a deep understanding of Salesforce intricacies, born out of years of hands-on experience and knowledge.

Technology Partner

Our team

Discover the driving force behind our success

Frithjof Struye
Strategic Advisor
Adam Siwek
Łukasz Duda
Salesforce Architect
Mateusz Czapla
Salesforce QA
Marek Ziemba
Product Strategy
Piotr Guz
Business Development
Patrik Pfaendler
Senior Business Development Manager
Marta Siedlecka
Product Design
Joanna Milanowska
Business Analysis
Klaudia Grzyb
Project Management
Monika Czerniejewska
Project Management

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