Benefits of automated document generation in Salesforce

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Document generation within Salesforce provides significant advantages for businesses, including automation, personalization, and standardization of documents. It reduces frustration connected with document creation. The personalization feature allows for tailored communication with customers, enhancing relationships and improving conversion rates. Standardization helps maintain a consistent brand image and facilitates document management. While Salesforce’s CRM system seamlessly integrates data, it often requires third-party applications for optimal document generation. These apps ensure scalability and boost Salesforce’s collaborative features, creating a platform for real-time team document work. Thus, integrating third-party applications for document generation can significantly enhance business efficiency and productivity within the Salesforce environment.


Aveneer is a document generation tool available exclusively on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. It supports the generation of up to 1000 personalized DOCX and PDF documents in one run, using customizable templates filled with Salesforce data. This helps to reduce errors and save time. Aveneer is customizable to suit specific business needs, including support for custom page sizes, branding, and formatting. This tool significantly improves the document creation process by reducing the time needed to reach clients with accurate documents, ultimately making document creation, management, and delivery faster and easier within the Salesforce environment.


  • Document Generation: Aveneer supports the creation of numerous types of documents in one go, using data directly from Salesforce. It also provides security features such as adding passwords to PDFs.
  • Automation: Aveneer automates several post-document generation activities such as record creation, notifications, and document bundling, which aids in process efficiency.
  •  Tokens: They act as placeholders within a document template and are replaced with actual data when a document is created. These tokens can symbolize any data stored in your CRM or database, including elements like names, addresses, product specifications, dates, and more.
  • Template Creation: Aveneer offers advanced template creation capabilities, allowing for automatic token mapping, image inclusion, record filtering, conditional component display, and aggregate functions.
  •  Signature and Configurations: Aveneer supports document signing, provides settings for notification management, and allows customization of the signing process.
  • Error Management: Aveneer includes error logging capabilities to keep track of issues for troubleshooting and process improvements.
  • Customer Support: Aveneer provides two levels of customer support to assist users in a timely and effective manner.

Aveneer Benefits

  • Ease of Use: Aveneer is designed to be user-friendly, making the configuration process straightforward, even for the people with very basic Salesforce knowledge.
  • Versatility: Aveneer is remarkably versatile and adaptable to varying business needs. Whether your organization requires simple document generation or has more complex requirements, Aveneer can handle it all. For complex business requirements, users can generate documents using Salesforce’s Apex code or Flow, allowing for advanced customization and flexibility. This adaptability makes Aveneer suitable for a wide range of businesses and use cases, ensuring that your specific document generation needs are effectively met.
  • Speed: Aveneer provides rapid document generation, increasing efficiency and productivity. This speed of operation makes it an excellent choice for businesses that need to create large volumes of documents quickly.
  • High Volume Generation: The tool can generate up to 1000 documents per click, making it ideal for businesses with high volume document generation needs.
  • Advanced Features: Aveneer includes advanced features like aggregation functions (sum, max, min), which enable complex data manipulation and analysis. These features allow users to produce more nuanced and detailed documents.


Aveneer is a versatile and efficient document generation tool exclusive to Salesforce. It enables the creation of up to 1000 personalized documents per click from reports or data merged from various records. Key features include ease of configuration, automation options, advanced template creation, document signing, error logging, and robust customer support. With its adaptability to various use cases, such as document generation from Apex or Flow, and advanced features like aggregation functions, Aveneer accelerates and streamlines document generation processes, thereby improving business productivity.